Low demand of new cars in early 2017

In the latest 2nd bidding in January, the premiums are showing signs that COE will remain stable for the coming months.

COE prices in 2017

Premiums for Category A and C rose 1.5% to $50,889 and $47,001 respectively. As for Category B and E, both dip 0.56% and 0.76% respectively. Premiums for Category B ended at $52,807 while Category E ended at $52,600. Moreover, Singapore Motorshow 2017 which ended last weekend doesn’t seem to have any effect on the COE premiums, this may be due to slow economic growth and more people are actually looking to renew their COE for 5 or 10 years instead.

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PQP Trend from February 2016

1 year PQP Results

What is it like for PQP in the coming months?

The recent low PQP result in recent months is mainly due to the low COE premiums in December 2016 (refer below chart highlighted in red). In the coming months, we believe PQP will continue to moderate or dip a little.

COE premiums trend

COE prices in 2017 (dip in December)

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