How Does COE Bidding Work?

Get Started with COE Bidding: Essential Info

  • The live COE bidding system opens twice in a month.
  • The open bidding exercises usually start on the 1st Monday and 3rd Monday of the month from 12 Noon and lasts for 3 working days.
  • The exercises usually end on the Wednesday in the same week at 4pm.
  • For details on COE bidding exercise and COE bidding dates, go to LTA Press Room > filter to show “News Releases” > enter keywords “COE”.
  • You have to use the following bank channels to submit a COE bid. Note that you must have an active bank account to do so. Refer to table below.
  • You can enquire & revise your bid through LTA COE Bidding Website. You cannot submit a bid through this website.
Access Channels Submit Bid Enquire Bid Revise Bid
Tel: 1800-111-1111
Yes Yes
DBS/POSB Internet Banking
(for Companies and Motor traders)
Tel: 1800-222-2200
Yes Yes Yes
UOB Internet Banking
(for Companies and Motor traders)
Tel: 1800-226-6121
Yes Yes Yes
LTA Open Bidding Website
Yes Yes


  • Submit your bid by specifying your reserve price. This is the maximum amount you are willing to pay for your COE.
  • The minimum reserve price is $1 and the amount of bid must be in multiples of $1 until your reserved price is reached. Find out about the trends in COE prices.
  • Bid submitted cannot be withdrawn or revised downwards.
  • A fixed bid deposit of $10,000 for Categories A, B, C and E will be deducted from your bank account when you submit your bid application. Learn more about the different vehicle categories.
  • There will be an administration fee charged for each bid application and every subsequent revision.

If you are not successful, the bid deposit will be automatically refunded to your bank account, 1 working day after the announcement of the bidding results. You can try bidding again in the next bidding exercise.


Here’s an example of how the exercise works (figures are for made-up):

1st COE Open Bidding Exercise in the month (N)

  • COE Supply Quota for Category A = 3
  • Number of bidders = 5 with reserve prices of S$100, S$88, S$70, S$70 and S$41
  • If the COE Price (or Quota Premium) is S$71, COE bidding results of each of the 5 bids will be as follows:
Reserve Price Bid Status Remarks
$100 Successful
  • Only the first 2 bids will be successful. The COE Price (or Quota Premium) will be S$71.
$88 Successful
$70 Unsuccessful
  • The 3rd and 4th bids (both with reserve price of S$70) are not accepted as then the number of successful bids would exceed the COE Quota of 3.
  • The remaining 1 unallocated COE Quota will be carried forward to the next corresponding COE bidding exercise in the following month (i.e. 2nd COE Open Bidding Exercise in month (N+1).
$70 Unsuccessful
$41 Unsuccessful

For more details on how the COE Bidding Process, Visit LTA and refer to Demonstration Kit & User Guide.

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