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Renewcoe.sg is an informational website presented by Speed Credit Pte Ltd (Business Registration #200000423N). Created for all car owners in Singapore to better understand the process of revalidation of COE (extension of COE lifespan) with relative ease. By educating our customers, we believe that we can better serve you with our reputable loan services.

Such as conveniently submitting an online COE Renewal Loan form and receive our expert advice on all necessary requirements and paperwork. No printing of papers or faxing necessary.

Moreover, you will benefit from the 99% approval rate for our 100% COE renewal financing. For anything from passenger vehicle or rental vehicle (Uber and Grab) to commercial vehicles and heavy vehicles.

Bookmark our website to get up-to-date COE bidding results, COE renewal loan interest rate movement and other important COE revalidation related news.

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Speed Credit is a company that provides a suite of car financing services from new to used, as well as car insurance to car owners. Established in 2000, Speed Credit has retained its position as a market leader in the motor vehicle industry and has grown as a reliable used car dealer in Singapore and our used cars signposted at sgCarMart, Oneshift, STCars and SVTA.

Achieve the most favourable car loan rates with Speed Credit catering to ALL types of automobile loan services. Enquire now to learn more about our other dedicated services.

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