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Speed Credit is one of the first companies in Singapore to offer COE Renewal Loan. Since year 2000, we've helped thousands of car owners to keep their most-loved cars longer; all of which had the privilege to save thousands of dollars by renewing their COE!


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Does COE Renewal sound new to you? No worries! Our car finance specialists are here to help! They would be more than happy to fill you in and answer every questions and concerns that you have about COE Renewal.

Speed Credit will also assign you a dedicated car finance specialist who would help you through your entire COE Renewal Application, from start to finish. Even though we do our loan processing really fast, we constantly update our customers on the progress of the loan. As a customer, we assure you that you would never have to worry about getting lost on the process. Leave all the paper work, application and technicalities to us!.

Learn more about COE Renewal

In Singapore once your car reaches the 10th year mark, you’ll have to decide between keeping your current car or buying a new car as a replacement for it. A stressful dilemma where you either lose your car or fork out a huge amount of money just to get a replacement for it.  With this in mind, Speed Credit tailored a smart and practical way to solve this dilemma – the COE Renewal Loan.

What is Certificate of Entitlement (COE) & Prevailing Quota Premium (PQP)?

COE or “Certificate of Entitlement” represents the ownership rights to a vehicle and the use of it on the road for 10 years.

At the end of the 10-year COE period, car owners can either choose to scrap their vehicle or revalidate their COEs for another 5 or 10 years by paying a premium, also known as Prevailing Quota Premium (PQP).

The PQP moves with the average COE prices within a 3-month window. This applies to various car classification categories namely A, B, C, D & E. The premium varies from month to month, where the most current premium is published by LTA every end of a COE Bidding Exercise. Refer to latest figures here.

Interest Rate, Repayment Options, Approval Rate & Loan Quantum

COE Renewal Loan Period Interest Rate Repayment Period Finance Amount Downpayment Approval Rate
10 Year COE Renewal *1.88% 7 years 100% $0 99%
5 Year COE Renewal *1.88% Up to 5 years 100% $0 99%

* Promotional COE Renewal Loan interest rate starts at 1.88%. Kindly wait for our car finance specialist to send you an official quote via email.

COE Renewal Loan Application Process & Requirements

Speed Credit’s 3-Step Loan Application Process

Step 1

Contact us at +65 6444-4400 or let us know how you want to be contacted via the options here. Our specialist will contact you, answer your queries and advise you on the requirements.

Step 2

Submit all the documents required for your COE Renewal Loan. Once completed, we would process your loan application within 1 working day.

Step 3

Speed Credit will contact you once your loan application has been approved. Once approved, please wait for our car finance specialist to contact you for further instructions.

COE Renewal Loan Reviews & Testimonials

"I was looking around to renew my COE and I came across Speed Credit. Their patient staff gave me a thorough explanation and understanding on the whole process and procedures which made me feel at ease. Their prices and fees are also very competitive. Kudos to them!! Will definitely recommend them to my friends and family :)"
Kevin Ng

"Speed Credit responded to me very quickly and she is very helpful. I have checked other financing company but all charging very high interest, Speed Credit offers good rate and their staff are nice, friendly and helpful. Will recommend to other friends too!"

Cheery Li

"Used Speed Credit when I financed my 2nd hand Volkswagen and found them to be very efficient, helpful and offered very competitive rates. Didn't need to do much as Speed Credit handled my needs effortlessly. So when I needed financing for my COE renewal I sought them again and found that their rates are very competitive and the service personnel were all very helpful."

Diana Lim